Cesar R.

Three dudes were driving in a car to their friend's house. They are on the freeway, and speeding 10 mph over the limit. A gay cop happens to pull them over. He says, "Hey there. Why were you guys speeding?" The 1st guy says, "We're rushing to a friend's house." The cop says back, "If you want out of a ticket, I'll have to measure your dicks, BUT, they'll have to add up to 25 inches in length total." They thought to themselves, "Oh SHIT!" Reluctantly, they got out their dicks, and the cop started measuring. He measured 1st, and he said, "10 inches." He measured the second, and he said, "10 inches." The last guy thought, 'Oh SHIT! It's the end!' The cop measured, and he happily declared, "5 inches!" They sighed with relief at their measurements. They drove away, and the 1st guy said, "Aw man, that was CLOSE! I'm lucky I have a 10 incher!" The second dude said, "Me too!" The last guy said, "You're lucky I DIDN'T have a boner!"

funniness: 4.44

rating: R