rachel s.

One day, Pinocchio was sitting at home with Gepetto and he really wanted a cookie. He asked Gepetto if he could have one, and Gepetto said ?No, not `till after dinner.? But Pinocchio really wanted a cookie, and he figured that taking one couldn?t hurt. So he did. That night, Gepetto noticed the crumbs all over Pinocchio?s shirt. ?Pinocchio,? he said, ?Did you take one of the cookies? Don?t lie to me, or your nose will grow.? ?No, I didn?t touch them,? Pinocchio lied, and his nose grew on inch. ?Trust me, Pinocchio. You don?t want to lie.? That night, they cut an inch off of Pinocchio?s wooden nose to put it back to normal. `Hey, this isn?t so bad? thought Pinocchio. `If that?s all that?s going to happen, I don?t see why I should lie all the time.? The next night, Pinocchio again asked for a cookie, and was again turned down. Again, he took one anyway, and again Gepetto asked him if he had stolen one. Pinocchio lied `No? and his nose grew an inch. That night, they cut it back down again. This repeated for four more nights until, on the 7th night, Pinocchio lied and his nose didn?t grow. ?Hey, I just lied. How come my nose didn?t get any longer.? ?Hmm, I?m not sure. Take of your pants and we will see.? Confused but worried, Pinocchio obeyed. He removed his pants to find nothing in them but his wooden butt and a smooth, barrel shaped front. ?Ah, I was afraid of that.? ?What?s wrong?? asked Pinocchio. ?There?s nothing there.? ?Exactly? said Gepetto. ?Where did you think your nose was getting the wood from??