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One day a guy met a girl in the street that he used to have a crush on in collage. (little did he know that she though he was gay) They started talking and the guy some how convinced the girl to go on a date with him later that night. So later that night they had a nice dinner, and then on the way out the girl asks the guy if he wanted to come back to her place. "sure" The guy said, and they took off. When they reach the girls house they get out of the guys car and go inside. When they get in the house they feel so horny they go straight to the bed room,and turn off the lights. (you could not see anything cause it was so dark) They got undressed and before they get into the bed the guy tells the girl that he was a virgin and did not know what to do. so the girl say "dont worry, bend over". (now confused) the man asks why. The girl paused and then said "cause u ain't the only one with a dick" the guy quicky put on his clothes and said "fscrew this, i'm leaving" He got in his car and left town and they never saw each other again.