Virgil M.

One day this guy wants to go hunting with his wife, but his wife just hates to hunt. So he tells her she can have three choices: 1. You can go hunting. 2. You can bend over and let me fuck you up the ass. 3. You can give me a blow job. So he gives her time to think about it, and goes and puts the dogs in the truck. He goes back inside and asks her what she decided to do, she says, "Well I don't want to go hunting and I don't wanna be fucked up the ass so I guess I'll give you a blow job." So she unzips his pants and pulls down his underwear and start to go down on him, and she says, "Your dick tastes like shit!" He says, "Ya one of the dogs didn't wan't to go either."

funniness: 6.75

rating: R