Nigel W.

Once in an airplane, there were a lawyer and a beautiful blonde. They were next to each other on a long trip from the United States to Paris, France. The lawyer tells the hottie: "Let's make a deal, I'll give you a question. If you answer incorrectly, I'll give you $5 dollars; if you give me a question and I fail to answer ,then I'll give you $50 dollars." She says: "OK, that seems fair." The lawyer asks: "How much is 45+26x5??" She pays him $5 dollars, as planned. The blonde asks him: "What has 52 eyes, 4 arms, and 9 legs??" The lawyer thinks for a long time and finally pays her the $50 dollars. Then he asks her: "What was the question to your answer?" Then she pays him another $5 dollars.