John L.

North Pole Update August 1, 2009 Well Santa got back from his vacation. Like every year, He went to his favorite island in the Pacific. This year Elex the Elf gave him a ride in the sled to Canada. Then Santa boarded a plane for his trip. Elex the Elf flew by the plane after it took of to wave a finale goodbye. Elex flew a little close to the right engine. Now there are two extra reindeers to help Rudolph guide the sled. Around the North Pole we have heard some rumors about how Santa was doing on his vacation. A couple are not true, so they will be cleared up here. One rumor was that, at the airport, the line for security was very slow and Santa got stuck in it for three hours. This is not true, Santa was stuck in the metal detector for three hours. Also there was a rumor that a whale had washed up on the beach in front of the resort hotel where Santa was staying. This is not true, Santa just fell asleep on the beach. A couple of thing we heard are true. There was a earthquake that shook the whole island while Santa was there. We ask Santa about this. He said it happen while he was at his favorite night spot out on the dance floor boogieing. Also we heard from Santa that the economy isn?t very good there. He said the all-you-can eat restaurant went bankrupted the day after he ate there. Also there is a rumor about Santa, an ox cart, and a parrot. We have no idea what this is.