denise c.

once there was a priest,a nun comes and says "there is a very confused girl waiting in ur room" "i will be there immedeitly" says the priest he goes into his room to find a girl wearing a short skirt and well looked like a slut "oh my lord " says the priest "my lord" the girls says doing a curtsy "i had to talk to you" "yes yes have a seat" they both sit on the bed the priest gets closer and closer to her. "my lord ive been held prisoner for a week now. and at any moment the person who has been holding me captive will come through those doors" the girl says "i bet he is" the priest says trying to get her out of her clothes she pushes him away she stands up and starts yelling at him he pushes her to the ground "you little bitch" the preist says just then the man who held er captive burst through the door "she was telling the truth " the priest the man looks at her "im sorry i had to tell someone" the girl says and runs the man killed the preist and lefted a red rose with him the man lefted to go looked for the girl.... that shows if ur a priest trying to have sex with a girl u get killed THE END

funniness: 1.20