Rob D.

This isn't entirely mine, my friend on facebook came up with the idea and I added to it. 20 21 and 23 are my best. 2 and 14 are my favorites of his. ---------------------- I'm sick of all this crap about how safe children's toys have to be nowadays, so i decided to think up some not-so-safe toys. Hope you enjoy :) 1. Baby's first sawblade gun 2. 6-pack of assorted running scissors 3. The sawblade frisbee 4. My first burglary kit 5. Jaggedy Ann, the cute doll made out of scrap metal and razor blades! 6. The spongebob stun gun 7. Junior poacher kit 8. My first suicide kit 9. Exploding crayons 10. Child's first hearse 11. The bathtub toaster 12. Ouch! - the step-on-the-rake game 13. Pin the tail on your parents 14. Tickle me O.J. Simpson 15. Gulp! The Coin-Swallowing Game 16. Cabbage Patch Hookers 17. Light-Me-On-Fire Elmo 18. E-Z Bake Open-Flame Oven 19. Professor Saddam's Li'l Biological Warfare Kit 20. Hungry Hungry Pitbull 21. The Plastic Bag Astronaut Game 22. The Molotov Rattle 23. William Tell play set 24. Sesame Street Condoms 25. Jack the Ripper in the Box