ellen v.

Headphones for Blondes A blonde walks into a hairdresser and asks a guy to cut her hair. "Take the headphones off first," he replied. She looked at him with a terrified expression before stating: "Are you crazy?! I'll die!!" The man sighs with irritation but decides to cut her hair around the headphones. He questions her sanity in his thoughts, but decides not to ask. --- Another blonde walks in and asks for her hair to be done, too. She is also wearing headphones when she asks for a haircut. The man looks at her questioningly before telling her to remove the headphones. She reluctantly replies: "No, I'll die!" The man thinks about pulling them off himself; tired of the nonsense, but he resists and cuts around the headphones. --- A third blonde walks in and she asks for a haircut, too. The man is so fed up with the nonsense, he pulls off the headphones before the blonde can react. Seconds later, the blonde drops dead on the floor. The man is shocked. He picks up the headphones and listened to the repetitive recording: " Breathe in, breathe out. Breathe in, breathe out. Breathe in, breathe out...."