Moe R.

1. Tell your wife it's a book club - one that is solely concerned with the nuances of the letters J, Q, K, and A. 2. It is common etiquette - after you shuffle - to offer the deck for cutting. Offering to cut the cheese, not so much. 3. Consider playing with huge stacks of Zimbabwean currency to get that whole "High Stakes" vibe. 4. Avoid cliched "Western Garb" - especially showing up in chaps only. 5. Although "chip tricks" are a fun way to pass the time, continually pulling them out of your friend's nose is a good way to get banned from the game. 6. Serve proper snacks: chips, nuts and pretzels. Improper snacks: Mongolian Hot Pot, brie with pear slices lightly brushed with virgin olive oil.

funniness: 3.75

rating: PG