Jack R.

A Young Hot (Son Of A Bitch) Lady Knocked On The Door And Asked For Sex. (Like She Did To The Last 162 Houses) " Well,I'm Very Flattered" Answered The Senior Who Replied In A Weak Voice,"Come In,Have Come Coffee" So The Woman Came In And Sat On The Couch And Drank Her Coffee While The Senior Old Man Was Upstairs Preparing His Room For Steamy Sex. As Soon As The Senior Got Down Stairs,He Ripped Off His 1960 Clothes Revealing A Weak Old Body,The Woman Was So Surprised! "Well I Say! I'm The One Who's Very Flattered Now,But... I Got To Go!" The Senior Grabbed Her Just Before She Reached The Door,He Dragged Her Up Stairs And Into His Huge Room Full Of Teddy Bears On Shelfs. The First Shelf,With Tiny Teddy Bears The Middle Shelf,With Meduim Sized Teddy Bears And The Top Shelp,With Huge Teddy Bears! The Woman Was So Flattered She Wanted To Have Sex With The Senior,So They Got In Bed And Started Having Sex,After All The Heat Had Passed,The Senior Said: "Take Any Prize From The Middle Shelf"

rating: PG-13