L L.

This is a somewhat accurate test for your love life, I suggest writing it down so you don't have to scroll up to check again. 1) Imagine you are walking through a jungle/forest, what is the first animal/creature you think you will meet? (myth creatures are acceptable too) 2) You come across a lake, how wide and deep do you think it will be? (No limits to the wideness and deepness, but you must decide for both) 3) You then reached a fence, how high do you think it will be? (no limits either) 4) After crossing the fence, you walk into a house. In the house you see a glass of water on the table, how full do you think it is? (No limits can be from empty to overflowing or 1/2 filled, etc) 5) You then walked into a storeroom, how many candles do you think there is? (Again, no limits either) Now that you have answered the questions, here's the meaning of it: Creature you see in the jungle/forest: how you see your wife/ future wife as Lake deepness and wideness: how much you love your wife Fence: Chances of you cheating on your wife or upseting your wife (taller it is, the smaller the chance!) Glass of water: How satisfied are you with your current life Candles in storeroom: Each candle represents the number of girls you want to have. (could be mistress or wife or girlfriend)