Joey J.

A teenage boy came to his father seeking advice on Sex "Dad" He says "I've got a real problem, my hormones keep telling me I want to bang a girl, but my brain says I could get in a lot of trouble what should I do." "Geez" the dad thought "The time has finally come." "I know how you feel son." "And its very natural for you to feel this way.... and I know you may have urges, and you should know you can ruin your future... " So I know you may want to have sex, but sex isn't the answer..." The kid thanked his father and left the room Two weeks later, the kid came home one day all panicked and stuff.... "Whats the matter" said the dad "I knocked a chick up" said the kid "WHAT" the dad yelled "WHAT DID I TELL YOU." "I know, I know" said the kid "Butt sex is not the answer."

funniness: 9.00

rating: R