Dave M.

Once upon a time, there is a pirate ship. This ship has a full working crew, with a captain, and a lookout, etc. One day, the lookout was in the crow's nest, when he shouted down to the captain, "Captain, there's an enemy vessel on the starboard side!" The captain shouted a reply, "Ok, come down here and bring me my red shirt!" So the lookout went down to the deck and got the captain his red shirt, which he then wore. They went to battle and won. A few days later, the lookout was wondering, and he asked the captain, "Captain, what was the deal with the red shirt the other day?" The captain replied, "Well, when we go to battle, I wear my red shirt, so that if I am shot or stabbed, my men won't see their leader bleeding, and they will continue to fight with ferocity." "Ohhh..." the lookout said. So the next day, the pirate ship was coming home after a nice raid, when the lookout shouted down, "Captain, there's 20 enemy vessels on the port side!" The captain shouted back, "Bring me my brown pants!"