Brooks B.

1.Save your breathe, first of all I don't know why you would want to waste your breathe on something you could simply do without moving. It is so much easier just to drop these bad boys in your pants and take care of it later. Say that you're at a football game and somebody is about to score, all of a sudden you feel it in your stomach all that gross fucking shit you ate earlier is ready to come exploding out the other end. Now what do you do? Just let it go, that's right it is far more important to see that play and just shit your pants rather than waste your time going to use the facility's and miss a scoring drive. 2. Girls will dig you, Everyobdoy knows that girls like something that's different in a man. If you are a healthy half decent looking man that shits himself everywhere he goes girls are going to start recognizing you. Any hot bitch with half a brain will definately see that by you shitting your pants you are showing the world that you just don't give a fuck and there is nothing girls love more then an out of control FTW Bad Boy! 3. Pooping your pants will save you money. Now I don't know why you would want to go wasting your money on something as stupid as toilet paper. Well guess what! "You Dont Need It!" Why the fuck would you waste your money on that shit when you can simply shit your pants and throw them in the washer whenever you get home? If you want to save even more money I would say fuck using your washer too and just use your piss and some leaves to clean them. 4. You can poop your pants while you're driving. I'm sick of these fucking laws regulating what I can do in my car. I can't talk on my cell phone, I can't get a blow job, and hell I can't even get out and kick someone in the fucking face after I run them over for jumping out in front of my damn car while I'm doing 90 down the freeway. But you know what "Fuck You" I don't know of any law that tells me I can not take a dump in my pants while driving. This will save you valuable time while driving, not having to stop at rest areas just because that Chili and Sheetz hot dog that you ate earlier is starting to catch up to you. 5. And finally nothing will show your love for a woman more than pooping your pants while having sex. Any woman will for sure know that you love her if you doody whie in the sack. Why you ask? Because there is no better way you can prove your love to a woman than showing her that you will not waste even a minutes time (not even to take a poop) from time that could be spent with her. After she sees this she will for sure never leave you. I promise! So I hope everyone takes this to heart and happy pooping! Edit: I guess pooping while having sex technically wouldn't be pooping your pants, but i think you get the idea!

rating: R