konner m.

Once there were these 3 freinds going up to a nice fishing trip. There names were Dave. Jerry, and Nick. When all of a sudden they all crash. They all go up to heaven and St. peters says, "Ok you've all made it up to heaven there is only one rule , and that is to never step on a purple cloud.' They all agreed and went to their dream home. One day Dave comes back with a really ugly women just following everywere he goes and finally the 2 they ask, " Whats with the girl ,Dave?" "I stepped on a purple cloud." The next day Jerry comes up with a even uglier women and Jerry announces , " I stepped on a purple cloud." Then Nick comes back with a totally pretty girl, like top model. The 2 both confused say, " what the hell why does he get a nice girl?" The woman says " I stepped on a purple cloud."