Scott R.

Mr.Johnson , who is a 5th grade teacher is out sick today. He is a great teacher and always gets the best sub. teacher possible for his wonderfull class. But for some reason today he didnt call to say who to bring in his replacement. So the school brings in Mrs.Devlin who is a very bad choice for these kids. She likes everything quick and doesnt care of the quality. So when she came into class she was like a normal sub. teacher. she was nice and the kids were having a great time because they were having a break from the stricktness. But still things got done. now its test time. As all the kids are now sad because they have to do work.(Who does work in school right???) right as she is passing out the papers for the test she gets a phonecall from the main office saying that they need a note brung down to the office ASAP. So quickly she grabs a random student and gives him a pen and tells him write the message so he does. she tells him to hurry up as fast as he can. so he runs down the hallway and gives the paper to the principal. she asks him to go make a copy please. so he runs to the copier and copies the paper. remembering what the teacher said(hurry!!!) he gets very impatient he sticks the pen in the copier and breaks the copier. he runs and gets a piece of paper and another pen and writes very fast Pen is Stuck!!!! seeing how he is young and writes messy he doesnt think.the paper looked like this Penis Stuck!!!! Now he runs off back to the class and takes the test. I guese all i can say is dont rush and take your time because regaurdless what sex you are. This can happen to anyone. Even girls can get their Penis Stuck!!! watch out boys dont want a girl who has her a penis. well... unless... nevermind i dont need to go there