Ha Ha Girl >_< ..

Ever wondered how people can be soo stupid? This is a true story. A guy went in a store with a massive shotgun. He pointed it at the tillman, demanding money. The tillman did as he wished. The thief then jumped over the counter, reaching for the beer. But he did the stupidest thing ever : left his gun on the counter! The tiller took this opportunity to grab the gun and point it at the robber, thus turning the tables. The robber was later arrested. Another man tried to rob a bank. Yet another true story. He ran in with a gun, pointed it at a clerk, who was the only person present. With a flick of a switch, the auto-shutters secured the place, and the reception till, thus leaving the thief trapped. The clerk made the calmest 911 call in history! He seemed to be amused by the robber's failed attempts to bust the doors open. He was later arrested ( the robber).

rating: PG