----> D.

A woman walks into an ice cream shop and goes to the counter were she sees hundreds of flavors. While she is looking at them the cashier comes up her and says "excuse me mam, what you like to have in this dear day that my paycheck has been cut into two pieces." At this she stared at the counter and said "I'll have some vanilla, some strawberry and some... I'll have some chocolate too." He, getting ready to scoop the ice cream, tells her "oh, sorry mam. We do not have chocolate today. We are out of it, but we will have some tomorrow!" She, puzzled, then says "oh, ok. Then I'll have some blueberry, some cotton candy, and some chocolate." At this he stares at her and tells her "mam, we dont have chocolate today." "oh, ok" she continues " then I'll have some coconut, ahh some, I don't know. Some Butter Pecan, and I'll have some chocolate as well." The cashier looks at her and looks down. Then looks up again. Then with a "I want to kill you smile" tells her "mam, we do not have any chocolate! We are out. Zero chocolate. None. Zip. We out." She looks at the flavors again and looks up. smacks her teeth and says "oh well, I'll guess I'm going to have some New York Cheesecake, some... chocolate chip and some chocolate." Frustrated the cashier puts his hands to his face leaning to the counter with a finger in his mouth and tells her "mam, can you spell the van in vanilla?" "V-A-N" she responds. He says "can you spell the straw in strawberry?" "S-T-R-A-W?" she responds, he asks again this time with more intonation "ok, can you spell the fuck in chocolate?" confused, she answers "there is no fuck in chocolate." He stands up and with the biggest smile in his face and the sweetest most sarcastic voice he tells her "thats right! THERE IS NO FUCKING CHOCOLATE!!!!!"

rating: R