john h.

Two guys were stranded at a rural hotel with a great blizzard outside. The manager arrived at their door freezing trying to deliver them a nice breakfast. Once he got in the door he slammed shut. Doning this made the snow on the roof (there was a lot of snow) fall in front of the door and the only two windows. That isn't even the worst part. The manager is a big fan of ventrolequist dummies and he just happened to have one with him. Basically two grown men are stuck in a random motel with the manager and a ventrolequist dummy that he's not very good at. They didn't know when the snow was going to end and they knew that they wouldn't be able to get out the doors or the windows. They were stranded. After about an hour of really bad dummy jokes the manager had a good idea, he decided to call a snow plow to let them out. So he called and they said that they had to wait. Then came another boring hour of nothing to do. Then all of the sudden the manger decided he wanted to take a nap. During this nap he snored louder than anyone the two men had ever heard. Mind you the man still had the dummy with him. Yet another half hour of boredom. then something mysterious happened. The dummy started talking but the manager was still snoring and not moving his lips. " PSssssst hey you two. hey the manager here lied to you two. He never called the snow plow. He tricked you guys. I know a way out. Behind the nightstand is a heating duct. It will lead you right outside." The men were in total disbelief but they would rather take the chance than stay here with this lunatic. When they checked behind the nightstand they found the heating duct but as they were getting in the heard the dummy again. " Hey take me with you. I want to be free. I want to be a real boy." The men said that it didn't feel right taking a man's things while he was asleep. It would be stealing no matter how crazy it was that he was talking to a dummy. " Just leave 50 bucks on the table. He got me at a garage sale for 5. He should be happy enough." So the two men took the dummy from the man and left. They went home trying to think of the proper thing to do with the dummy. They were almost home when they noticed the dummy hadn't talked at all since they left. Back at the Motel: The man heard them leave took the money and laughed then he too left and went back to the check -in desk looking for the next stranded fella who happens to be right here. He went back into the back room and pulled out yet another ventrolequist dummy.