Luis M.

These are some rascist jokes that iknow. I AM NOT RASCIST NOR DO I APRI}OOVE RASCISM. THIS IS JUST MEANT TO BE FUNNY AND NOT TO INSULT ANYONE!!!! Q1:3 black people in one car...whoose driving? A1: The Cops Q2: Three mexicans in a car..whose driving? A2: Immigration Q3: Three whites in a car... whoose driving? A3: An anbulance driver after getting the shit beat out of them by the blacks. Q4: 3 Asians are in a car...whoose driving? A4: God i hope tht none of them are! Q5: 3 women are in a car whoose driving? A5: read answer for asians! Q6: why doesnt mexico have a navy? A6: Cardboard doesnt float Q7: Why did so many people die at New Oleans? A7: Black people cant swim Q8: What do you call 300 retarded rednecks drinking beers? A8: KKK meeting Q9: Why shouldnt gays be allowed in the army? A9; They'lll try to make out with with the enemy and use the guns as dildos. Q10: What sponsors do each of the following races have? black mexican white asian muslim A10: Church's Chicken Pepe's Beans Saltines Penis Extender INC Hoow to Hijack a plane corp.