faiz m.

a few patient from an asylum is on a trip to hawaii..and they are going by helicopter.. they are really terriffied since they never been in a chopper before...mike..the most trusted and better thinking skill from the other patient taking control the rest of the patient..they cant just sit still..well just imagine a bunch of hyperactive dude from asylum...it was total chaos.. later on...it was complete silence...and one of the gurad shouting from the cockpit... "mike,are they asleep?" "no sir"... "how did u manage to make them silence?"the guard asking curiously.. "they just cant stand the heat" "SO?" "i opened the door and let them play outside.. holy crap...i dont care who create this steel bird...what is he thinking...such a big fan and u put it outside" "YOU ARE GOING TO SPEND HTE REST OF YOUR LIFE IN ASYLUM MIKE!!!!YOU IDIOT!!!!"