Hailey S.

This is an old childhood favorite of mine. There are 3 aliens traveling in a spaceship. They have been traveling for years looking for another planet with life on it. So they were very excited when they finally saw earth. They landed and right away they decided to split up and look around to learn some native-tongue. They would meet back in an hour. The first alien goes to a church an hears the choir singing. It decides to sing along. He learns to sing "mimimimimi!" The second alien goes to a restaurant and hears the chefs talking, it decides to go along with it. It learns to say "forks and knives, forks and knives." The third alien goes to a candy shop and hears all of the little kids and workers, It decides to listen carefully to the conversations. Finally, it picks up "goody goody gumdrops!" They all met back at the spaceship and there is a dead guy about 10 feet away. They decide to check it out. While they are standing around him, a cop comes up to them and says, "Do you happen to know anything about this? Who did this?" Then the first alien replies, "mimimimimi!" The cop says, "How did you do it?" The second one replies, "forks and knives, forks and knives." The cop says, "You'll have to go to jail for a long time for that, boys, er whatever you are." Then the third alien says, "goody goody gumdrops!"