blake c.

A man moves to mexico to start a chicken farm...of course to start a chicken farm you need a cock (male chicken) and a pullit (female chicken). So the man goes and knocks on his neighbors door. A lady answers and he asks " excuse me miss, you dont happen to have a cock and pullit for sale do you." and she replies "well actually I do". they make a deal on the chickens and the man asks about a jackass...the lady tells him that she does not have one but the guy down the road does. He walks over to the old guys house and knocks on the door. when the old guy finally answers he says " excuse me sir, the lady down the street said you have a jackass for sale". the guy says "well indeed I do, but there is a small problem with the jackass....sometimes he just stops and the only way to make him go is to tickle his ass with a feather." the guys thinks about and decides he is doing this on a budget and he can get a good deal so they work out a deal. well the guy is riding into town on the jackass to get some feed for the chickens...cock in one arm pullit on the other...he gets all the way town gets the feed and is on his way home...cock in one arm pullit in the other and a bag of feed on the back of the jackass...suddenly the jackass just stops....he is sitting there thinking about how hes going to tickle the donkeys ass with a feather with his arms full when a lady walks by...without even thinking he says "excuse me miss, will you hold my cock and pullit while i tickle my ass with this feather"

rating: PG-13