Andrea T.

What girls say . . . what they mean ------------------------------------ *Can't we just be friends? <=> There is no way in hell I am going to let any part of your body touch any part of mine again. *I just need some space <=> ...without you in it *Can you help me with my homework? <=> If I keep whining, the fool will do it for me. *Do I look fat in this dress? <=> We haven't had a fight in a while. *No, pizza's fine <=> Cheap bastard *I just don't want a boyfriend now <=> I just don't want YOU. *I don't know, what do you want to do? <=> I can't believe that you have nothing planned *Come here <=> My puppy does this too *I like you but... <=> I don't like you *You never listen <=> You never listen *We're moving too quickly <=> I am not going to sleep with you until I find out if this guy in Bio has a girlfriend *I'll be ready in a minute <=> I AM ready, but I'm going to make you wait because I know you will. *Oh, no, I will pay for myself <=> I am just being nice, there is no way I am going dutch *Oh Yes! Right there <=> Well, near there, I just want to get this over with *I'm just going out with the girls <=> We are gonna get drunk and make fun of you and your friends *There's no one else <=> I'm doing your brother *Size doesn't count... <=> unless I want an orgasm What guys say . . . what they mean ----------------------------------- *It is just orange juice, <=> Give it 3 more shots and she'll have her legs around my head. *She's kind of cute <=> I want to bang her till I'm blue *I don't know if I like her <=> She won't blow me *I need you <=> My hand is tired *I had her <=> I had wet dreams about her all week. *I really want to get to know you better... <=> so I can tell my friends about it *How do I compare with all your other boyfriends? <=> Is my penis really that small? *You're the only girl I've ever cared about <=> You are the only girl who has not rejected me *I want you back... <=> ...for tonight anyway *We've been through so much together <=> If it wasn't for you, I never would have lost my virginity *I miss you so much <=> I am so horny that my roommate is starting to look good *No, I don't want to dance right now <=> Shoot! She'll know that I have a hard-on *The break-up should not start until 24 hours <=> I want to have sex a few more times *I am different from all the other guys <=> I am not circumcised

funniness: 7.27

rating: PG