Anika B.

*ANY 1 WHO READS READERS DIAGEST WILL PROBABLY REGAGNISE THIS BECUZ IT WAS IN 1 OF THEIR ISSUES I JUST REVISED IT A LITTLE. THANK YOU* one night a Yankee fan, and a Red Sox fan crash in the middle of the road, the Yankees fan is fine and so is the Red Sox fan, they both get out of their cars, and the Yankee fan goes up 2 the Red Sox fan and says: " I think this is a sign from God that we should b friends, and Celabrate with a bottle of wine." The Red Sox fan agrees and the Yankee opens his mangled trunk enough 2 get the wine out, and he hands it 2 the Red Sox fan, the Red Sox fan drinks half the bottle then hands it 2 the Yankee, who then tros it in the bushes and then the Red Sox fan says:"hey arent u gonna hav any?" Yankees fan says:"Nah, im just gonn wait 4 the police 2 arrive. ~MORAL OF THE STORY~ Never trust a Yankee.

funniness: 3.67

rating: PG