Shauna S.

Your'e at a mall, and you see a blonde staring at the celing, mouth wide open and drueling. You walk up to her and ask "What are you doing?' then you notice the "WARNING: BLONDE THINKING IN PROGRESS" sign. You sit down, take a nap, and end up spending the night at the two-story mall. You wake up, wait three hours and see the blonde move. Then the blonde screams, "I HAVE THE BEST IDEA IN THE WORLD!!!!" Everybody stares. The next thing you know... the blonde jumps over the glass wall seperating the big space then the first floor. She lands in the Women's Undergarments Department has a bra on her butt and unerwear on her head. She stares again. Then she runs full speed and runs into a wall. Everybody is puzzled. Then the blonde screams, "THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR YOUR ATTENTION! BUT NOW I SHALL COME UP WITH ANOTHER IDEA TO REPAIR THAT HOLE IN THE WALL!" Many groaned. The blonde did the same thing as the first paragraph. Then the next day at 3:00 in the morning the blonde had a beer, some wine, and some vodka, then sat in the hole in the wall. When everybody came to go shopping, they wondered why the wall was brown and why there was a blonde on the floor.

funniness: 3.88