dave r.

Three men were arrested for being drunk and disorderly. They are sitting after being apprehended in the back of the police car, one man says `Guys instead of giving our real names we should give fake names, so our wives don?t go mad.? They all agree to this plan, so when the police officer sits in the front of the car and asks them for their details, the first man looks out of the window and sees a Marks & Spencer shop so he replies to the officer `My name is Mark Spencer?. The officer then writes down the mans name then proceeds to ask the other men their details. The second man looks out the window and sees a David Evans shop, so he says that his name is David Evans. The third guy now looking really worried, as he is the most drunk. The officer asks the man his details he looks around outside and stutters not being able to think of a fake name, he glances outside once more and calmly replies `my name is Burger King?