Sammy G.

my buds and i were chillen in the park and we have to wear uniform but anyways.....she said lets go i wanna chill in clothes. and i said NO WE ARE NAKED!!!!! 5 things not to say to an ugly person 1. look at that ugly person 2. i feel bad for yoooo.....ugly people 3. You are ugly 4. Guess who the ugliest person in the class/ office is....[enter their name]....j/k (cough, cough) 5. Did you put make up on or did ur parents run you over 5 things not to say to a mentally retarded person 1. UR retarted 2. She is retarted 3. This computer is retarted 4. Why are you ugly 5. FUCK YOURSELF 5 things not to say to a bipolar person 1. Fuck you 2. u ugly 3. u gay 4. u retarted 5............. who the fuck cares i would never have a bipolar, ugly, or mentally retarted friend!!!

rating: PG