rona Z.

Little Jimmy was sent home with homework: find three words that you don't know much about. He went into his brother's room and asked "What's a word?" His brother replied "Fuck off." JImmy wrote it down. He went into his little sister's room and asked "What are playing with" "My little chu-chu train!" She replied so he wrote that down. He then went into the living room and turned on the T.V. He heard the 'Batman' them song wrote that down. The next day, he went to school and when it was his turn to say out his three words, he stood up and said "Fuck off!" "Excuse me?! What did you just say?!" Replied his teacher in astonishment. "Would you like me to bring the principal?" She asked. The principal came in and asked "How do you think your going to get away with this?" He replied "In my little chu-chu train!" "Who do you think you are?" Asked the principal "BATMAN!!" he replied