Leslie B.

After picking him up at a bar, an older, experienced woman brings a younger, inexperienced guy home to her house, with the promise of showing him 69. She takes the young man into her bedroom, strips off her clothes and instructs him to do the same. Once they are naked, she lays him face up on the bed and starts to suck his cock, while placing her pussy smack dab over his mouth. Just as he opens his lips to lick her little kitty, the older lady lets out a huge, roaring loud FART! "Jeezes!" the guy groans. "Dammit!" The woman says she is sorry and asks if he wants to give it another try. He agrees, and so they assume the proper position a second time. Once more, the lady starts to lick his dick, as the guy again opens his mouth to her pussy mound. And the same exact way as she did it before, just as they begin to 69, the woman explodes another giant FART right in the poor guy's face. The man bolts from the bed and begins frantically putting his clothes back on as he makes a beeline for the woman's front door. "What ARE you doing?" the lady blurts out. Quite innocently, the young man replies, "If you think I am gonna hang around here for another 67 of THOSE, you must be outta your goddam mind!"

funniness: 7.36

rating: R