Courtney D.

A Day at the Field. This is a true story, and yes, it really happened to me. When i was a freshman at my small, catholic high school, i had the biggest crush on this junior guy. Let's call him, Jake. Now me and Jake had been talking for about three months when we finally decided to take it to the next level. I was only 15 years old, and still a virgin, he was 16, had his licence, his own car, and was far from being pure as you could get. We decided that the next day after school, we were going to do "it." I was nervous as heck, but agreed, thinking that he would like me better, and in the end he ended up doing just that. So here was the plan, he was basically allowed to do anything he wanted, and his mom couldnt stop him cuz he had his own car. I on the other hand, was not allowed to do what i wanted. So, we came up with the idea that I would tell my mother that I had spring musical practice until 5:30, my school ended at 2:50, so we had about two hours to do what we wanted to do. Our school was not too far away from our football field, so thats where he decided to go. It was always open, and kids went up there all the time. So, we headed up to the field. It had rained for the past 2 days, and it was still raining when we went up there, but we thought, hey, we are gonna be in the car, so no biggie. We pulled into the back of the parking lot, and started doing stuff. About 4:45, we decided we were done, and by this time, the windows were all foggy, and it was raining pretty hard. While I was buttoning up my shirt, he tried to start his car. A loud sputter was heard, then nothing. He persistently tried to start the car, but nothing happened, and he finally came to the conclusion that the battery had died. Freaking out, because my ride was waiting for me at the school by now, and constantly calling, I called my best friend who lived not to far away. I explained to her the situation,, and she said she couldnt do anything, and she really couldnt have. So we were stuck there. My shirt was still unbuttoned, as well as his pants and belt, due to the fact that the car would not start, and in our frantic attempts to find a ride back so we wouldnt get caught, we forgot all about them. All of the sudden, Jake says, "Hey, look! I see headlights!" And sure enough were a set of headlights coming our way.. As the headlights got closer, we realized that it was the headlights of a cop. The cop pulled up next to us, and motioned for Jake to roll down his window, so he did. He asked us what we were doing there, and Jake seemed unusally calm. He said he was teaching me how to drive, and the battery in his car died. So the cop, and by this time i was wondering where i had seen him before, said that he would get some jump cables and jump the car so we could get to where we needed to go. He rolled up his window, and Jake his. Jake turned to me, saying, "you know who that is, dont you?" "He looks really famaliar, but i am not sure." i said. "Courtney, thats Jason and Joe Sawyer's dad." he replied. (Jason and Joe Sawyer are not the real names) Now Jason and Joe both went to our school. Jason being a freshman, and one of my best friends, and Joe being a senior, and being very close to both me and Jake. So Mr. Sawyer once again rolls his window down, and says he is going to run up to the station and get the cables, and be right back. He begins to pull out, and his car gets stuck in the mud. Jake gets out and tries to push the car out of the mud, but it was no use, it was stuck. So Mr. Sawyer says he has to call a tow truck, so he does, and they bring the cables. When they get out of the truck, they look familiar too, and sure enough, one of the men was my moms old classmate that still talks to her, a lot. So by now, I was crying, and wishing i would have never gone. When we were leaving, I remember saying to Jake, "wow, this is going to be one hell of a story that I tell my daughters and granddaughters about my first time." Being in a small, catholic school of only 133 students, word tends to get around pretty fast. Me and Jake decided not to tell anyone, but that didnt keep Mr. Sawyer from telling Jason and Joe, who soon told their friends, and then they continued to tell their friends, until the whole school knew about it. The teachers even looked at us different. Jake and I didnt think it was very funny, but everyone else, including the sister that worked as a religion teacher at our school did. Needless to say, Jake and I are no longer friends, we dont even talk anymore. But everyonce in a while, that day at the field comes up. And now, Jake is trying to get with all my best friends..