joni m.

I went out to eat at Ruby Tuesday and I went to the bathroom, but when I came back my mom asked me a very random question She asked me "Have you ever seen a picture of guys havin' a pissin' contest?" I looked at her in the most confusing manner. [Partially because earlier in school that day I typed in 'emo' at ask .com and a picture of two guys 69'n each other popped up. Which kinda makes you wonder IF THE FUCING SCHOOL CAN PUT UP A FIRE WALL AND BLOCK GODDAMN MYSPACE WHY HAVEN'T THEY DONE IT TO THE MOTHER FUCKIN' PORN PIC'S ON THE COMPUTERS?!!!!] But any way I replied with a "no." She started laughing and told me to turn around, so i did and damnit, there was a PAINTING of three guys all turned around leaning back on their heel, head toward the sky and their arms in front of them in their no-no square if there had been pee streams. It would have been very beliveable that it was indeed a pissin' contest. But this was a family restraunt and I only dismissed it as maybe they were doing somthing else. But then she told me to look at the picture next to it of the old man scratching his ass in front of his wife and another old man behind him laughing at him, like, as my mom put it, "Ha ha, I see you scratchin yo' ass there!" She almost shouted that in the very quiet restraunt, every one heard her. I know because they were all staring at us.

funniness: 2.47

rating: PG