Beth N.

Ok. well. i have this class with one of my best friends and these 3 guys that are just plain out crazy. and we've had our moments...... Lauren: Ohmifreakingodsh theres a damn bug in your hair!! Beth:holy shit get it out!!! [keep in mind im in a desk jumping arounf freaking out] Lauren:NO!!!! im not touching it!!! Beth: Get it out get it out get it out!!! [3 minutes later] Lauren: Ok. it's gone. [10 minutes later] Jerry: HOLY SHIT BETH THEYRE FUCKING MULTIPLYING!!!!! [i started laughing and crying freaking out about the ] bugs that werent there] Lauren: Beth theres no bugs in your hair. Zach: Don't let her lie to you.. [needless to say. boy was i happy to go home and wash my hair] ************************************************************ Senor Suarez : Ok you guys this is a big package. Jerry: Thats what she said. ************************************************************ Jerry and Zach. 100percent straights. :] that love to be "partners" ************************************************************ I came to school one day with short red hair. my hair was long and blonde. jerry said "wow beth what died on your head"