Brian O.

A man and his son were staying at a hotel in Rome, at the same time there was a large religious conference going on in the hotel. All the cardinals and bishops of the world were staying in the same hotel. Anyway, the man and his son were just after getting settled in their room when the father went to make a cup of tea, but there wasn't a drop of milk in the room. So he sent the son to get some. Half an hour went by but there was no sign of the son with the milk. He went searching the entire hotel for the boy and eventually found him in the conference room. To the father's surprise, the boy was speaking with the pope himself!. The pope made the sign of the cross over the boy and the boy put down the jug of milk in his hands and walked away. "What was all that about?" asked the father, "Why were you talking to the pope and why didn't you bring the milk with you?" "Well, I searched everywhere and finally found some milk in there but the pope came over and told me to put down the f'ing milk," as he drew a downward line in the air, " and fuck off!" and he drew a horizontal line in the air...

The joke's funnier when you can actually make the hand gestures implied!

funniness: 5.60

rating: PG-13