Colin S.

There once was a girl named Mary. Mary had four good friends, a clown, a blind man and a newly wed couple. One day Mary was in the shower and her doorbell rings. She gets out of the shower wraps a towel around her and ansers the door. Its the newly wed couple. "Congradulate us we're getting married!" She gives her congrats and then procedes into the shower. The doorbell rings again. Mary gets out of the shower, wraps the towel around her and answers the door. Its her friend the clown. "Congradulate me. I got a job at the circus!!" She congradulates him and then gets back in the shower. The doorbell rings again. She assumes it must be the blind man so she doesn't bother with the towel. She opens the door and it's the blind man. "Congradulate me, I got my eye sight back!"

funniness: 3.57

rating: PG-13