qhizar s.

An American tourist in Spain goes to a restaurant and notices another guy eating some weird thing. He calls the waiter and says, "Excuse me. Can I have that same dish, please?" The waiter says, "No sir, You can't." He asks, "Why not?" Waiter: "Because, sir, they are the balls of a bull." Man: "So what? I want them!" Waiter: "No, sir. You dont understand. Here in Spain, bullfights occur, and the balls of the bull are chopped off and supplied to our restaurant, so we get only one pair of bull's balls a day. If you like, I'll reserve the next pair for you." Man: "Okay, I'll come back tommorow." The next day, the man goes in and is served a pair of small balls. Outraged he asks, "What the hell is this! Yesterday's balls were much bigger!" Waiter : You don't understand something, sir. Sometimes the bull wins."

funniness: 5.33

rating: PG-13