Girl2frogs W.

Fly by aisles in a cart screaming, "TOILET PAPER." Stack cans in the middle of the aisles so no one can get through. Throw a "soap party" in the shampoo aisle. Try on pants 3 sizes too small so you walk like a monkey, and shirts 3 sizes small so you can't put your arms down. In the shoe aisle, have an argument with yourself in the mirror about your shoes. Play with remote control toys and when you get caught, say you are the maker of the toy and was just testing its efficiancy for the seller and you speak Chinese. Go to the bedding aisle and get a white sheet to throw over yourself and pretend you are the "Ghost of Wal-Mart." "Display" cookies throughout the entire store. See how many you can do without getting caught!

how many can you dowith out getting caught and post it titled RESPONCE TO WALMART

funniness: 6.00

rating: PG