conman f.

These are some yo momma jokes that i made up! Some of them i heard from friends! Your momma's so fat it's no wonder the Titanic sunk! Your momma's so fat whales sing "We Are Family! Even if Your Fatter Than Me!" Your momma's so stupid she tried to drown a fish! Your momma's so poor you saw her kicking a can in an alley you asked what she's doing and she said, "Moving." Your momma's so poor you stepped on a half lit cigar and she said, "Who turned out the lights?" Your momma's so fat she jumped off into the ocean and we lost 3 cities due to Tsunami!!!!! Your momma's so stupid she thought she was Spider Man and tried to jump building to building. She failed. Miserably! This one is not a Yo Momma joke but it's pretty funny! So two guys were in a bar in the Sears Tower and one of them said, "OK, so the wind currents between the Sears Tower and John Hancock building is so strong that if you jump out you'll be swooped around and flung back in" He said to the other guy "Ya right," said the other guy." I bet you fifty bucks you can't do it!" "OK,"said the other guy. So he went jumped out the window,swooped around and got flung back in the building! "OMG! I wanna do it,but first here fifty bucks!"the other guy said. So he jumped and fell down to his death and made a big SPLAT!!! "Wow Superman, you are one mean drunk!" Said the bartender!!!!!!!! FIN

funniness: 5.50