jim b.

Here's something to do to a random idiot and/or blonde. Tell them you have a pen club and you and your mates are in it. Ask if they want to join you. If they say no plead with them until they say yes. When they say yes say that you are A PEN 1 since you are the founder of the pen club. Say that your freind is B PEN 1 since he is the first member of the group. Say that you will grant the idiot and/or blonde elite status. Say that to be a member you have to write on your arm your member number (A PEN 1 and so on..) Write on thier arm I AM A PEN15. Then tell them to show it to everyone to show that they are in your pen club. You will get a few laughs out of it.

funniness: 6.56

rating: PG