Eddy B.

Mrs. Ann was having a baby, but she had a problem of being so nosy and curious. One day while she was was outside she saw a lot of police running all toward a park. Curious to find out what was going on she followed the police. There was a shoot-out between two men and both weren't backing off suddenly one of the bullets shot toward Mrs. Ann she was shot three times. She had to be taken to the emergency room. In the doctor's ahe wasn't hurt but she was worried about her baby. When the doctor came she asked "Doctor will my baby be alright?" The doctor replied "Well i have good news and bad news, the good news you are having male triplets and they are all OK, the bad news is each was shot one time and we can't remove the bullets without them dying. You'll have to bring them about once a month to check on them." 14 years passed and the doctors concluded that ech child was going to pee out of a bullet at the age of 14. One day one of Mrs. Ann's children came running to her, "Mom, Mom! I just peed out a bullet!" His mom replied "That's OK honey I'll explain to each of you when you've all done it" The next day the second child came to running to her, "Mom, Mom! I was in the bathroom and a bullet came out!!" Again the mom explained what she told her first son. a month passed and the mom was getting worried she was thinking about taking him to the doctor when the third child came. "Mom! Mom!" The mom interrupted "You peed out a bullet?" "No" said the child "I was masterbating and i killed the dog!"

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