Bobby B.

Once upon a time, King Arthur went on a dangerous quest. Along the way, he was captured by blood-thirsty cannibals who told him that they would set him free on one condition: if he could think of the answer to their question. King Arthur didn't have much of a choice, so he accepted. The cannibal king said, "if in one year you come back to us with the knowledge of what makes a woman have the most pleasure, you will be set free. If not, you will be eaten alive." So King Arthur goes back to his castle and calls up all the Knights of the Round Table and all the women in the castle. Even the women can't agree on the answer - some say sex, others say money, others say clothing and glamour, and so on. The most handsome and loyal knight tries very hard to find out the answer to this riddle, as he respects King Arthur very much. Finally, he comes by a revolting witch who says she knows the answer, but that she will only tell him if he will marry her. So he agrees. Everybody grieves immensely for this brave knight who gave up his happiness for King Arthur. Once the couple are married, the witch tells the knight that what makes a woman have the most pleasure is deciding things on her own. The knight of course tells the king this, and he goes back to the cannibals and tells them this. They reluctantly set the king free, and now he does not have any fear of being devoured. Later on, the witch tells the knight that she can transform herself into a beautiful, voluptuous woman; but only in the day when everybody sees the two together, or in the night so he can have pleasure while making love to her. The knight thinks about this for a short while, and says, "You decide." The witch is so overcome with joy that she says she will turn herself into a knock-out hottie in both the day and the night. MORAL OF STORY: No matter how sexy a woman is, she's still a witch underneath.

funniness: 6.25

rating: PG