Bobby B.

An American, a Chinese, and a Mexican died and went to Hell. The Devil said, "You know guys, you all have been sinners. But I'm in a good mood, so I'm willing to give you another chance. If you can think of a sentence using the words 'green', 'pink', and 'yellow' that will make me laugh, then you will go to heaven." The Chinese guy goes first. He says, "One morning when I woke up, I looked out the window and saw a green field with pink and yellow flowers in it." The Devil says, "You think that's funny?" and the Chinese goes to Hell. The American is next. He says, "One morning I was walking on the street and saw George W Bush with nothing on but a pink bra, green shoes, and a yellow mohawk." The Devil says, "Nice try, but that's not funny." The American goes to Hell. Now, it's the Mexican's turn. But he's not very good at English and by now he is panicking. He blurts out, "This morning when the phone went 'green green green', I came to pink it up, and said 'YellOw'?" The Devil laughs and says "Okay, you can go to heaven." And the Mexican's jaw drops, "Huh???"

Maha maha ha

funniness: 7.23

rating: PG