Amethyst Rose H.

TEENAGER?S GUIDE TO NECESSARY WORDS. Mom---(noun) A parent who owns you for 18 years of your life, and someone who cooks and cleans for you for a card with a bad pun on it on mother?s day. (exclamation) ?MOOOOOOOOOOOM!? to call in said parent to ask for help, food, or something stupid. Grrrrrrrr--- (exclamation) a word and or phrase used daily to show you?re upset, or a given response to the following,? clean your-----?, ?carry me! carry me! carry me! etc...? Dance--- (noun mostly) a social gathering in a school gym where girls and boys stand on opposite sides of the room and listen to music and watch cool strobe lights while talking amongst themselves. (verb) to shake your overly large butt to fast paced music, or to walk in a square in a tux or dress with someone of the opposite gender. Gym--- (noun) a place or class where you lose bodily fluids, develop asthma, and hit kids in the head with giant ,inflatable, red balls. Nerd--- (noun) a tasty candy that comes in a small box. (other noun) a person that is smart and unpopular at the same time Geek---(noun) same as a nerd except dumber Dork---(noun) a clumsy oaf who is ugly and dumb. Gork---(noun) a mix between a geek and a dork. Dad---(noun) an adult boy who is married to mom. for BOYS: wants you to be manly or dead. for GIRLS: he loves you no matter what, but does not wanna go shopping with you, so stop asking. Girl---(noun) a person who should be skinny and have big boobs but doesn?t always, so GET OVER IT. WE AIN?T PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Boy---(noun) a person who likes puke, eating dirt, girls, and can pee standing up. hard to find the elusive kind-hearted boy that?s not obnoxious. THAT species is almost extinct! Diamonds:---(noun) best thing ever to a girl. Football:---(sport) something men should like according to dads. something a lot of girls think is boring. (noun) a ball that looks like a lemon, and is made with dead pig?s skin. Procrastination--- (verb-ish noun) to put off stress until it gathers interest. Money--- (noun) something that grows on trees in a forest that seemingly everybody but your parents can find. wait for next dictionary!

I would totally buy this if it were a real dictionary. Plus, please comment or rate this please. I know all of you think the jokes i post suck...

funniness: 6.59

rating: PG