rick p.

A man is drinking at a bar looking depressed. A small Irish man walks up to him "Whats the long face for?" The man turns and looks down and says "Its humilating. I have a gorgeous wife and I cant satisfy her because I have a tiny cock." The little man scratches his chin. "I'll tell you what- I'll fix it for you if you follow me to the toilets." The man, bemused, asks "How can you fix it?" The small man looks up "Look closer at me. Can you not tell I'm a leprechaun?" The man smiles "Good god you are!" The man follows him in to the toilets and the leprechaun says "Now drop your trousers." The man complies, but is alarmed when the leprechaun walks round to his back side and starts humping him. "What the hell are you doing?" "You want it fixed i have to put me magic wand inside you!" The man grits his teeth and gets through it, he looks down and says "nothings happened." The leprechaun "Of course not it early days, meet me here tommorrow for another session" the man goes home and decides that a few bummings is worth the extra length. The leprechaun rodgers him for two weeks but still the man can see no difference. "Listen leprechaun, that wand isnt working!" The leprechaun looks at him and says "How old are you?" "I'm thirty two, why?" The leprechaun says "And you still beleive in magic wands and fuckin leprechauns!"

funniness: 7.26

rating: R