rick p.

a retired pirate is lonely so he decides to buy himself a parrot to keep himself company. He brings the parrot home from the animal rescue centre and says "hello im pete the pirate" instantly the parrot says F!!!k off one eye. The pirate is a little annoyed as his eye patch is a bit of a sensitive subject. he says "dont you call me that again the parrot says F!!!K off one eye. i said stop it you feathery little B!!!!!!!D. again F!!!k OFF ONE EYE ! with a lot more enthusiasm. you say that again im stick you in the freezer you little S""T. once again F!!!k OFF ONE EYE!!!!!. The pirate grabs the parrot by the beak throws it into the freezer and goes down the pub. The pirate gets legless drunk and wakes up the next morning "S!!T THE PARROT. He runs down stairs pulls open the door of the freezer the parrot is frozen solid with its wink clasped over one of its eyes and with two feathers sticking up. (tell the joke with actions for the parrot at the end for greater effect.)

tell this joke with actions at the end

funniness: 4.43