Brooke s.

there was this truck driver who was driving around looking for a hooker, as soon as he gets to a corner of a stop sign he sees this really sexy blonde, so he picks her up and takes her to a really nice hotel, well they both are laying in the bed and they are having sex and for some reason it was hurting to bad for him to stick his dick in her, so she tells him to hold on a second, she gets up and goes to the bathroom and she is in there for like ten to fifteen minutes, she comes out and she tells him to try again, so he sticks his dick back in her and it was feeling so good for him so he busted his nut and paid her 100$ he looked at her and said before i drop you off what did you do to make it feel so good, she turns to him and says "I picked the scabs"

This is really funny but nasty!!!

funniness: 5.77

rating: R