Thomas F.

One Thanksgiving Little Billy came downstairs. When he walked into the living room he overheard his mom and dad arguing in the dining room saying words like bastard and bitch. Billy walked in and asked, "What does bastard and bitch mean?" "Well, bastard means gentleman and bitch means lady," siad Billy's father. Billy says, "Oh, and walks away." A few minutes later he wonders to the aromas of the kitchen where his mom cuts herself while carving the turkey. "Fuck!" she cried. Little Billy wondering what this meant asked, "Mommy what does fuck mean?" "Well, it means carving Billy." "Oh, okay," said Little Billy and left. Next he went to the bathroom where his dad cut himself while shaving. "Shit!" he exclaimed. "Daddy what does shit mean" "It means shaving Billy," said his dad quickly. "Oh," said Billy and went to wait for the dinner guests. When they came Billy stood and exclaimed, "Welcome bastards and bitches. My dad's shitting and Mom's fucking the turkey."

funniness: 4.00

rating: PG-13