elijah l.

This is a story about a cute little boy who made a difference in life. one day a little boy came to school for his very first time, he dressed like a dork and asked the teacher why they laughed at him. she told him he was a fucken retarded clown and that he should pack his bags and get his sorry ass outa town. he ran home crying, and his dad asked him why he was crying home. all the kids say im ugly! and weird! duh, your a fucken retarded clown, and i think u should pack your things and get your sorry ass out my house! he ran away to the highway and say a hobo who ask him why he was crying EVERYBODY THINKS IM UGLY AND WEIRD! well-NO! DONT SAY ANYTHING YOUR MOTHER FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT, YOUR GUNNA SAY GET MY SORRY ASS OUTA TOWN, HOW ABOUT U GET YOUR SORRY SHITTY FACE OUT MINE! yelled the boy the hobo said: well i think you dress pretty nice young boy. wow thank you hobo said the boy no problem, my sister dressed like a retarded clown too

this is pretty funny lol

funniness: 1.93

rating: PG