karl s.

Fred, Frank and Tommy got a jail sentence for 20 years but got granted one thing to take to jail with them. Fred asked for all the booze in the world, evry kind of beer, wine etc. Frank come up and asked for all the books in the world, scientific ones, funny ones etc. Tommy come up and asked for all the cigarettes in the world, Richmond, Superkings etc. 20 years pass on and the police officers open Fred's door, and he is pissed and he is so drunk he is knocked unconcious buy the guard for falling on him. They open Frank's door and he walks out with a very posh accent, it has turned out that he was the smartest person in the world through reading all the books. The funny thing about Tommy when they opened his door, was that he was still normail and all the cigarettes were still there, and then he asked the officers, "Could I Have A Lighter Please? " ;)

funniness: 6.38

rating: PG